We hire a couple of people a year.  We try not to have turnover and seek steady work for all.  We emphasize the 'we try' part.  There are no guarantees. That being said, here is what we look for:   

1. Research suggests that conscientiousness is the personality trait most often correlated with job performance. How do you know if you're conscientious? Conscientious people tend to be super organized, responsible, and plan ahead. They work hard in the face of challenges and can control their impulses. 

2. We seek artisians in metal.  This is not casual work, it is exacting and minor mistakes scrap expensive parts.  The work is a intricate balance between job planning and tool knowledge.  

3. Knowledge of CNC controls is of course important but we are more interested in your character than advanced expertise in Fanac or other controls. The latter we can teach. 

4. Take a look at Ben Franklin's Twelve Virtues.  If they strike you as a worthy way to lead your life you will probably like working with us. 

5. Send your resume to tom@maskinell.com.  Please use a common .doc, .docx, or .pdf format.  Wierd formats we will not open due to virus risk.